Aug 102009

After four years of hand-coding this blog I have finally had a chance to install WordPress and start migrating across. This is going to make my life a lot easier and hopefully will mean I can blog a bit more often than I have been doing. I will be able to jump on and write a quick post whenever the mood takes me instead of waiting for a decent block of time knowing that I had to copy the post to the archives, code all the links, set up the comment form, code the RSS feed, ping the relevant entities, etc. It also means that comments will appear immediately for most commenters since I will no longer have to notice that a comment has been emailed to me, copy and paste it into both the current post and archives, and then copy and paste my response to the archives too.

Ah, I will not miss all that!

Please note that this blog will now have a new RSS feed auto-managed by the WordPress platform. I will run the old feed for a few weeks still, but if you wish to receive updates by RSS please subscribe to this new feed.

Thank you for your patience as I copy the old posts across into WordPress and republish them. I don’t know if these will appear in your RSS Reader in retrospect. If you don’t wish to download these, you may want to hold off subscribing for a week or so. If you want to read my older posts in the meantime, you can still access the archives here.

If you have any advice, observations, comments, or opinions, send them my way, particularly if you notice errors or anything else I’ve missed.

Thank you for visiting!


Elle Carter Neal

Elle Carter Neal is the author of the picture book I Own All the Blue and the teen science-fantasy novel Madison Lane and the Wand of Rasputin. She has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, holding childhood slumber-party audiences entranced until the early hours of the morning. Elle decided to be an author the day she discovered that real people wrote books and that writing books was a real job. Join Elle on her new publishing adventure.

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  1. I am very excited to have you at WordPress. YAY. Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Thank you Selma. It’s taken me long enough, hasn’t it?

  3. I definitely am a fan of WordPress. I hope you are using the export import features to move your material over and aren’t doing it by hand.

    Welcome to WordPress!

  4. Thanks for mentioning that Moe – I’d no idea you could import like that. However it looks like I still have to do it by hand as my old blog was never linked to any platform or blogging software that I can import from. But at least I know this if I choose to move my other blogs.

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