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The Problem with Horror - a Critique of Fortitude

As a writer, and in the spirit of learning more about my craft (i.e., read everything, even the stuff you hate), I have read a lot of horror books, and I’ve watched a handful of Horror movies and TV shows. And then I watched Fortitude. And everything clicked in my brain. The perfect example of why the addition of Horror utterly destroys good—or even potentially great—fiction.

To understand what went wrong with a show with a really great premise and set-up, we need to go through it in fine detail – so thar be complete spoilers for Season 1 of Fortitude. You have been warned.

Read my Critique of Fortitude and how it demonstrates the biggest flaw of the Horror genre


The 36 Dramatic Situations (Plus One)

The 36 dramatic situations were compiled by Georges Polti in the 1800s based on the earlier work of Carlo Gozzi.

As you will see, these 36 dramatic situations are not complete plots. To create a plot, you need to combine at least two strands, but the more strands you weave together the more complex and interesting your story plot and subplots become.

A 37th situation is widely considered worth adding to this list, particularly since it appears as far back as Chaucer. It's included at the end of this article.

Read more about the 36 Dramatic Situations


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