Testimonials from editing clients and students:

Your ability to isolate the pivotal points of the novel and show how they can be improved is nothing short of astonishing.

~ Michael Woods, author of The Lost Explorer ~

I can't believe how helpful it is to have my work picked apart the way you've done it. What I learned from your coaching was just as valuable as the hundreds of dollars I spent on "How-To" books on writing.

It's one thing to review the examples from real world examples of literature in those books, but it's entirely different and much more helpful to have the weaknesses of my own writing shown to me. I'm really glad I chose to use your service.

~ Paul Perron ~

Elle has critiqued many of my stories. She has a real eye for plot and character motivation and can see clearly when you've gone astray. Her grammar is spot on as well. Thanks to her, my story "The Rich People's School" recently appeared in the prestigious U.K. based literary magazine, Mslexia. I would highly recommend her.

~ Lauri Kubuitsile - author of The Scattering ~

"Without my editor I would never have come this far. This story would not be what it is without the marvelous input and amazing work of Elle Neal. I am so grateful for her insights and wise reflections. I once feared my dyslexia, but thanks to Elle that fear crumbled. Key by Kylie LeaneShe made me believe that I am capable of great things. Thank you Elle! Thanks so, so much for the time you gave me, and the gift of your skills."

~ Kylie Leane, author of The Chronicles of the Children series ~

"Thank you so much for your critique... I really hadn't expected such a detailed response. I am immensely grateful to you for the good, solid advice you have given. You only had a small excerpt to work with, yet you understood perfectly the problem I'm having... I'm considering all the possibilities you suggested.

"Your comments concerning the prologue are spot on and easily put right; yet I would never, never have seen it had you not pointed it out. Thanks.

The Lost Explorer by Michael Woods

"You've given me a great deal to think about. And a lot to work on. It goes almost without saying, I should like to submit further excerpts and possibly the final draft in due course.

~ Michael Woods, author of The Lost Explorer ~