Feb 072010

Following on from my post about The Book Depository, I’ve found two options based in Australia that offer free shipping within Aus. These are Emporium Books* and Borders. I haven’t tried either, so I can’t comment further than that, but they might be worth a comparison if you’re on the hunt for a particular title.

Speaking of comparisons, here is a nice little Aussie site that does a handy price comparison across numerous online booksellers, including shipping costs to Australia, and conversion into Aussie dollars: Booko.

If you’re looking for rare or out of print books, try AntiQBook or Alibris. This is going outside Aus again, though, so watch those shipping costs.

Meanwhile I remain delighted that Book Depository accepts PayPal – so handy. I’ve placed three separate orders with them so far, including over the notorious holiday season, and I’m still very impressed.

Another site to add to the list:

CD Wow! – This site sells books, CDs, DVDs, and some cosmetics, and also offers free worldwide shipping, plus they accept PayPal. I have no personal experience with this site as yet, though.

* 01/10/2010: I’m not sure why I thought Emporium Books offered free shipping within Australia. I’ve just tried to purchase a book and got slapped with a $5.45 shipping fee. Maybe they’ve changed their policy since I last looked at the site. Annoying.

Nov 122009

I’ve discovered an excellent alternative to Amazon.com for those of us who live outside the US and have to cop the massive shipping charges and lengthy waits for our purchases (at time of writing: $5 per shipment plus $5 per item from Amazon, and $12.50 per item for Marketplace purchases; up to 3 months delay in receipt of items between November and January, three to four weeks at other times of the year).

The Book Depository offers free shipping worldwide (beat that Amazon). I ordered some books last Thursday evening and they arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday afternoon. While their prices are a little higher than Amazon’s (about a dollar on average), it certainly makes up for it if you are saving $10 to $12.50 on postage, and I have to say that the prices are far, far cheaper than books in Australia at the moment (I am a traitor, I know).