Fully Booked – Fiction

Ready to get going? Your Fully Booked Fiction Programme will cover the 12 actions you need to take to get from brilliant idea to published book. First I'll work with you to assess which stage you should begin with. Complete the stages you need in order to complete and publish your book. Then, if you want to, loop back around to run through whatever you skipped of the programme with your next book.

Planning Stage

  • Making the decision (including whether to pursue traditional or self publishing)
  • Brainstorming, selecting an idea, focusing, fine-tuning.
  • The easiest way to plan and outline a novel.
  • Bonus: There are only 37 universal "plots", how do you write something unique?

Writing Stage

  • Take control of your writing process. How to find time to write no matter how busy you are.
  • Refining character arcs and plot development.
  • Don't make this disastrous mistake that could cost you all your hard work.
  • Bonus: A really simple productivity tool (and a handful of hacks) that will help you get working straight away and increase your output.

Editing Stage

  • Revision and line editing

Design Stage

  • Cover design 1: Front cover

Publication Stage

  • Publishing 1: Initial set-up and preparation
  • Ebook coding
  • Planning a book launch; Products and giveaways; Author/Book website
  • Formatting and typesetting print book
  • Cover design 2: Wraparound cover design and finalisation
  • Publishing 2: Distribution

Are you in?

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