So, after about a week's work and 6000 words, I've completed the synopsis (4000 words) and character notes (2000) for this new story. Now I'm satisfied that I can leave it to mature and allow other stories to fill my mind and be written, and when I come back to this story I will have all the important details noted down and ready to work for me. I can also, now, get back to working on the writing career course I'm taking, which I put on hold because I didn't want to distract myself while playing with this new idea.  

What fun that was though! Every now and then I believe everyone needs a new idea to inject some fresh energy into their thinking. 

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That's brilliant. Well done!
Posted 20 December 2008


Thank you. Holiday preparations and family visits have taken up my attention now, though.  
Posted 21 December 2008


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