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Do You Want to be Able to Write Without Fighting with MS Word?

Does Word make you feel stupid? You are not alone. Microsoft Word has been frustrating even techno-geeks since it was invented. I've had times, too, where I've threatened to dump technology in favour of a trusty pen and paper. I've lost documents and I've lost patience, but along the way I've done a lot of troubleshooting. I can save you the frustration of trying to work Word out by yourself and make it work for you instead.

If you're fed up with Word, then Word 4 Writers is for you. Learn to tame the monster and save your time in front of the screen for writing not fighting. Don't let Word drive you crazy a moment longer.

For less than the cost of a family takeaway a month you can learn to use Word properly - and use it for writing, not office work.

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You CAN win your battle with Word

No more fighting with Word; no more lost time trying to fiddle with formatting; no more embarrassing glitches in the middle of your manuscript. You'll learn how to expand the features available to you to make planning, writing, and editing so much easier. Streamline your use of Word and make it work for you!

Here's Why You Should Sign Up For Word 4 Writers:

An in-person computer class will cost you around $350 per level to spend two days wading through the tools that you don’t need.

Word 4 Writers will cost you less than a couple of takeaway meals a month.

Why would you sweat through two intense full-day sessions focused on using Word for office work when you can learn easily over six months?

A manuscript is very different to a business letter. Word 4 Writers cuts through the noise and shows you exactly how to use Word to make your writing time painless and productive.

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Take It Step by Step

Word 4 Writers will walk you through the phases of writing, from planning to publication, showing you how and why you should use Word’s various tools. The course unfolds over 24 modules, each building logically on the understanding and skills you’ve learnt before.

Over six months you'll be using advanced Word techniques with confidence and ease to:

  • create a quick-click planning document for your novel
  • make quick-reference notes about characters, settings, or plot development while you’re writing
  • set up short-forms of your characters' names and other long terms that you don't want to retype
  • keep track of major plot points and character development scenes throughout your manuscript
  • create a detailed outline of your plot
  • access any scene in your manuscript at the click of your mouse
  • prune and tighten your synopsis or non-fiction documents
Try Word 4 Writers at NO RISK

I want you to be completely satisfied that Word 4 Writers is right for you.

Cancel Anytime: Sign up for the first month for just $15 and decide if Word 4 Writers will help you. If you don't find it useful, simply cancel your subscription before the next payment is deducted and you can keep the modules for that payment period.

Money-Back Guarantee: If Word 4 Writers disappoints you in any way, I want to know so that I can fix it. Send me an email and I'll refund your money.

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Ready? Here's What You'll Learn:

First you'll begin to plan your book:
  • discover the ideal format to use for planning that makes navigating your notes as simple as a mouse-click.
  • set up your summary, setting, and character plans, and begin the plotting process
  • learn to organize your notes, link to your research files, and incorporate notes created on different programs
  • get ready to archive and back up your notes and manuscript
Next you'll tackle your manuscript:
  • learn techniques for managing a lengthy manuscript
  • create an easy outline while you're writing
  • save the notes you make while you're writing
Then you'll finalize your manuscript:
  • learn easy tools to make the editing process simpler
  • keep track of your changes and make comparisons as you revise
  • write your synopsis - then learn how to use Word to cut it down to size the easy way (Word 2007 only)
  • format your manuscript for writing, editing, and submitting - and understand why these are different
And start working on your promotion campaign:
  • set up a mass mailing database for reviewers and bookstores
  • configure your letters, envelopes, and mailing labels
  • design bookmarks, bookplates, postcards, and other basic giveaway products
Before going on to master more options for non-fiction books:
  • how to work with numbering and bullet points
  • how to index your book
  • how to add charts, tables, diagrams - complete with captions
  • how to work with footnotes and endnotes
By then you'll be ready to delve into basic Desktop Publishing:
  • formatting for screen, layout, typesetting, spacing, pagination
  • formatting for print, guttering, cover calculation
  • columns, sections, headers and footers
  • working with graphical content
And finally,
You'll discover more timesaving tools and review all your Word skills:
  • learn keyboard shortcuts you'll actually use
  • create and optimize your templates, menus, and buttons

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Flexible Study

Word 4 Writers consists of 24 modules of study offered as weekly downloads. The course is designed to be completed in six months, but you can work entirely at your own pace.

Each week you will receive:

  • An email to let you know that your weekly coursework is ready for download.
  • Links to download your current module and a short demonstration video highlighting one of the techniques covered in the module.
  • A concrete goal to work towards for the week.

At the completion of the course, you will receive:

  • A fully indexed and searchable e-book, with the bookmark and Table of Contents features that will allow you to jump to a particular section with a single click.
  • Word 4 Writers 2007 only: Self-Assessment Quizzes for the eight fundamental principles of Word 4 Writers to help you revise your course and see the progress you've made.
  • Word 4 Writers 2007 only: Templates for some of the most popular uses for Word in writing manuscripts.
You Can Work Through This the Easy Way

Simple, baby steps, with demos, goals, and reminders so that you don't forget to use what you've learnt.

And, remember, you can cancel any time and keep what you've already paid for.

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USD$15 per month
6 month course
12 Month Guarantee

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Save Time

Word has many tools that can make life easier, but finding out how to use these can be complex, time-consuming, and frustrating.

Don't waste precious writing time struggling with your formatting. Don't give up in frustration knowing that there is a quicker way yet without the time required to fiddle with the software.

Save Energy

Word 4 Writers will fast-forward you through the tools and shortcuts that are perfect for writers. A few weeks spent discovering dozens of tools, tips, and tricks translates into a real saving of your sanity, as well as one or two ways to kick start the planning process of a novel or non-fiction book.

Learn new writing tools to make your own.

Save Money

Before you spend your hard-earned cash on new software consider learning to use the software you already have.

Word 4 Writers is designed to help writers use Word to a far greater potential than many currently do. Tap into the technology at your fingertips.

You've paid for Word - why not use it?

Are you fed up with Word?

Save your sanity. Click Here to Make Word Work for You

Available for MS Word versions 2007 and 2010. Version 2003 coming soon.

Download a sample of Word 4 Writers

Please choose your version of Word and click your preferred payment option to sign up via PayPal:

Word 4 Writers for Word 2007:

US$15.00 per month for 6 months, Word 4 Writers E-Guide available for download on completion
(PayPal requires a linked credit card for this option)


Pay in full and save : US$85 one off payment, immediate access to the Word 4 Writers E-Guide, modules delivered to your inbox over 6 months
(No credit card required if using PayPal balance. No PayPal account required if paying by credit card.)

Word 4 Writers for Word 2010:

US$15.00 per month for 6 months, Word 4 Writers E-Guide available for download on completion
(PayPal requires a linked credit card for this option)


Pay in full and save : US$85 one off payment, immediate access to the Word 4 Writers E-Guide, modules delivered to your inbox over 6 months
(No credit card required if using PayPal balance. No PayPal account required if paying by credit card.)

Word 4 Writers for Word 2003:

Temporarily unavailable. To be released in 2013.


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